A.I. Powered, High scalability, Open-source

Big data analytics

Managing today’s environments has become a big data problem, so it requires big data analytics techniques.
Existing, first-generation APM tools simply aren’t up to the big data challenge

Cloud based

Lead Wire is designed to run as a Cloud Service.
To meet customer special requirements, we also provide On-Premise solution

AI Powered

Machine learning identifies correlations within the data. To determine causes of anomalies, we separate causes from symptoms over time in order to say when systems are behaving differently and why.

High scalability

Expecting the quantity of monitored information to continue to grow, we designed a highly extensible solution based on a multitenant architecture. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, real-time anomaly detection at scale will become increasingly important.

Business transactions profiling

Keep an eye on your business critical data! Lead Wire helps you understand the performance of your key business transactions and the impact of end-user experience on your earnings.

Independant implementation

Lead Wire implementation doesn’t require any intimate understanding of the application and the application-code. IT Operation teams can implement Lead Wire independently on any application stack.

Zero configuration

Generic for all applications. No changes to application.


We provide technical documentation for Lead Wire products and features.
Our Support knowledge base is an important resource for your IT Operation teams when providing Level 1 support

Why implement Lead Wire APM ?

Lead Wire is a DevOps tool for IT operations teams and developers. its implementation makes it possible to achieve several goals :

  • Creating internal efficiencies and synergies between operational teams: Lead Wire offers reliable metrics, real-time alerts and granularity of fine analysis; enabling teams to collaborate effectively to resolve incidents.
  • Improve service quality and customer relations: Real-time monitoring of the user experience makes it possible to quickly realize the slightest degradation in the service; Problems are detected and corrected before support teams are solicited by users.
  • Improve business results (conversion rate): Critical business transactions are monitored; it is the best guarantee of the proper functioning of your company’s  key activities.

Lead Wire provides a complete response to application performance issues; it combines heterogeneous and complementary monitoring techniques :

  • Real User Monitoring : Measures user experience (javascript agent injection in web pages)
  • Application Monitoring : Applications are instrumented (by agents) to add traces of execution of operations.
  • Network Monitoring : Network exchanges are analyzed to track transactions
  • Synthetic Monitoring : Active monitoring to ensure the health of the application at all times (even in the absence of actual users)
  • Infrastructure Monitoring : Collection of system and network resource consumption measures (Lead Wire does not replace the infrastructure supervision tools but covers at least the technical aspects underlying the execution of the monitored applications)

Innovative architecture at the service of performance.

Lead Wire uses newest technologies to make the most of the data collected:

  • Elastic architecture : the horizontal scalability allows a very large increase in load. Consolidation of the large mass of data is ensured by the ELK stack.
  • Architecture Discovery : a system of distributed traces make it possible to reconstitute in a graphic way the application components and their relations
  • Anomalies Detection : algorithms (machine learning) analyze in real time the measurements sent by the agents (time series) in search of anomalies or change of trend

We adopted a very strict test protocol to validate our Java agents. The main idea is to control the overhead generated by the instrumentation:

  • The microbenchmark : MooBench (MOnitoring Overhead BENCHmark) measures and quantifies the overhead of the monitoring frameworks.
  • The macro-benchmark : The SPECjEnterprise® 2018 Web Profile benchmark measures full-system performance of Java EE Web Profile application servers and their supporting infrastructure such as JVM, Database, CPU, disk and servers.


Lead Wire is an APM suite that facilitate monitoring to meet three main functional dimensions :

Digital experience monitoring

Real-user monitoring of web pages through the automatic injection of JavaScript performed by server-based agents.

  • Real User Monitoring provides a complete view of the user experience
    from the data-center to the web browser, whether on a laptop,
    a desktop computer or a mobile device.
  • The implementation of real-user monitoring requires no modification
    of the application or its parameterization. Monitoring is independent of
    the implementation and vendor of the application.
  • Digital experience monitoring
  • Application Discovery, Tracing and Diagnostics

    Dive into the depths of your application source code to discover errors, exceptions and performance problems.

    • Automated discovery of Web servers, Java application servers, and other middleware
      and their relationships.
    • Automated tracing of individual transaction execution path from an entry point of the Web server
      and / or application server to an output point of the back-end data source.
    • Automated data collection for Java Virtual Machines (JVM) to aid in the detection of problems
      such as memory leaks, contention points and deadlocks.
  • Application Discovery, Tracing and Diagnostics
  • Application Analysis

    Dare to see all these analyzes!

    • Automated detection of source (or root cause) performance anomalies for transactions supported by
      Java application servers through automatic learning and statistical inference.
    • Customizable reports and alerts to tell you exactly what is happening at any given time by SMS
      or email.
    • Using Big Data analytics to identify trends, outliers or intermittent problems that other APM
      solutions may omit.
  • Application Analysis
    • Pricing

      Start for free, Pay as you scale

      0 /mo
      no credit card required
      Traffic limit : 10k transactions/ day
      data retention : 24 Hours
      Applications : Unlimited
      Agents : Unlimited
      Support : Email – next business day
      71 /mo
      15% off when billed annually
      Traffic limit : 100k transactions/ day
      data retention : 7 days
      Applications : Unlimited
      Agents : Unlimited
      Support : Enterprise support - business hours
      640 /mo
      15% off when billed annually
      Traffic limit : 1 Million transactions/ day
      Data retention : 15 days
      Applications : Unlimited
      Agents : Unlimited
      Support : Enterprise support - 24/7

      What is a transaction?

      Transactions are a way of measuring the amount of data that you send to Leadwire. It also determines which of our pricing plans are available to you.

      • For frontend apps (Javascript) : A transaction is a route change in your frontend JS app.
      • For backend apps (Java) : A transaction is a request to your backend.

      Do you offer Lead Wire on-premises?

      LeadWire is SaaS, please contact us for specific requests.


      Got comments or questions? Send a message our way and we’ll be in touch.